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Fire up your looks with smokey eyes

Anyone who has had any dalliance with the art of makeup couldn’t have missed the concept of ‘smokey eyes’! It’s a makeup classic that never goes out of style - an effect created by the application of dark eyeshadow on the eyelids and dark eyeliner that is smudged along the upper and lower lash lines.


Smokey eyes have a mesmeric quality to them and lend your face a magnetic charm. It may be the most popular trick in the makeup book, but one that is equally elusive. So if not done right, the smoke might backfire. Here are some tips from experts.

Smokey eyes is a makeup classic that never goes out of style

Points to remember before you start

  • Make sure to keep the darkest point at the lash line. This will help you keep the makeup modern and fresh, and put your eyes in the center of focus rather than distract attention to the rest of the makeup.

  • Three is the limit! Don’t use more than three shadows. And use a liner. An overkill, far from making your eyes pop, will overshadow your eyes.

  • All’s well that blends well! The trick is in the blending more than how dark you go or what colors you are using. That’s why the brushes you choose are so goddam important. If you want that sultry look, blend the liner and the shadow into skin tone.



The 5 commandments for a classic smokey eye

  • Thou shall begin with the application of a mid-tone shadow all over the lid. Pick the right colors for a smokey base. Go for greys, browns or heathers.   

  • Run your liner along the lash line. Giving a coat of colour between the lashes can really make your eyes vibrant and lively.

  • It’s recommended that you pick some variety that won’t budge during sleep like a gel formula, which is also easy to apply.

  • Now, give an additional layer of dark tone shadow. This should blend into the lid shadow seamlessly. Charcoal, espresso or smoke would be an appropriate choice of colors for this purpose. While working on the lower lash line, gently press the brush at the base of the lower lashes, and use your fingers to smudge it downwards to create the smokey quality.

  • Finish it up with a touch of mascara.

  • If you want to give a flashy pop, layer a sparkle shadow. This will also be useful for smoothing out the lid and giving that blend through the crease of the eye.


Charcoal, espresso or smoke would be an appropriate choice of colors for a dark tone shadow

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