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Foodie? Then Kuwait is the place to be. The rich spectrum of culinary cultures that co-exist, almost jostling with one another, creates an intricate tapestry of flavor experiences. Thanks to the large number of immigrants from the Middle East and Asian countries. Among their many valuable contributions to the country are their culinary cultures leading to a spate of restaurants and fast-food chains.

Avenues alone has over 130 food outlets ranging from international brands to local favorites


Just take a walk through any of the crowded streets in Kuwait (winter would be a nice time for an outdoor trot), or take a stroll in any of the huge malls like the Avenues or 360 Mall, and you will notice the amazing variety of food choices enticing your palate. Avenues alone has over 130 food outlets ranging from international brands of the highest quality to local favorites serving traditional delights.


Here, we wish to take you through just a few of the most popular Kuwaiti dishes.



Any conversation on Kuwaiti food, starts with Majboos! It can only be that way because nothing else quite captures the local flavor as adeptly as this one dish. So much so that it deserves the title of “Kuwait’s national dish”.

It’s essentially rice cooked in a broth prepared with fragrant spices. The broth is obtained by straining chicken or mutton soup, and at times even fish. Served with red sauce, which usually contains pieces of vegetables, mostly potatoes. The highlight is the meat which is slow cooked to a degree of tenderness that it almost melts in your mouth.


This dish has overtones of many culinary practices from the region. It has a unique taste that grows on you with time. It’s thick in its consistency and is a blend of cooked wheat and meat, mashed and topped with cinnamon and sugar. May not be a great treat for the eyes, but it definitely is rich and extremely satisfying. Ideal to keep you warm in winter, it’s a dinner delight, especially if you are teaming it up with a late night movie

It’s a thick blend of cooked wheat and meat, mashed and topped with cinnamon and sugar


Muttabaq Samak

If you are a fish lover, then this one is for you. Zubaidi is a delicious fish and Kuwait’s most favorite. It’s served over rice cooked in fish stock and provides a delicious treat. Of course, this dish comes in many varieties across the GCC with every country giving its own flavor spin. Zubaidi is Pomfret


This one is a shrimp bonanza! For those who find shrimp a weakness, then it will get them craving to the hilt. It’s another rice dish, which by now you would have guessed is a staple in this region. The Kuwaiti tendency for culinary austerity is breached in this dish with a lavish use of sautéed onions, turmeric, coriander, dried black lime, and - no prizes for guessing - oodles of shrimps. It’s filling, flavorful and mind-blowing

fis 2.jpg

Gers Ogaily

What follows a satisfying meal? A sumptuous dessert, of course. This is a traditional dessert, and can be likened to a cake – a sponge cake to be precise, mimicking its lightness and fluffiness. The aroma and taste are heavily reminiscent of the past times with ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, rose water and sesame, combining to provide a rich taste experience.

It can be likened to a sponge, mimicking its lightness and fluffiness

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